Climate Change, Global Warming and Weather Modification

The implications of Global Warming are quickly becoming clear: Respond now or face disastrous consequences for the future. Our long term survival will depend on the ability of the human species to adapt to changing circumstances and adjust to the conditions of our planet's geology. More important, is our ability to cooperate with nature, to live in harmony with and within it, to be sensitive to it. Until recently when worsening environmental conditions began to surface,  no one gave "the environment" a thought. With new crises and with dramatic new catastrophic events to report on more often, the Media

has coined two new buzzwords for what is commonly thought to be the cause: "Climate Change" and
"Global Warming". These buzzwords allow easy reference to a variety of conditions to be blamed on the event. In a subtle way, they infer blame on the Earth itself for suddenly warming like this and changing its climate. The planet has always been capricious, scientists warn. It has changed its climate before without warning and this is what happened to the dinosaurs! This and similar ideas serve today's purposes: to make money. If people think that the changing climate and attendant disasters are a natural phenomenon, out of their control and beyond the scope of human influence, they are ripe to be told what they can do about it. Actually, within weeks of the first publication of this report, the world's scientists rushed to convene and conclude officially now that Global Warming is definitely caused by mankind and his bad habits. They have also concluded that the only thing we can do about it is to start buying and selling stuff like hybrid cars and
 emissions trades before we all die and its too late to make any money.

GEO TECHNOLOGIES has identified the form of weather modification called cloud seeding as a major contributor to global warming, and perhaps the true catalyst of climate changes. Although global warming events have occurred before in Earth's history, it has never been at the accelerated speed that they are occurring now. Great shelves of ice in the Arctic, centuries old, are disintegrating in a matter of weeks. Normal changes would usually happen slowly enough to allow for animal species to adapt or try to begin to. Instead, polar bears are drowning in their natural habitat. While humans are only beginning to be affected, it won't be very long before we are all dramatically affected on a daily basis. A full fledged business since the 1960's, cloud seeding has now spread around the world. It is the first choice for weather modification and rain making. Yet in every location where cloud seeding has or is being done there has been a dysfunction of the ecosystem with disasters of major proportion in and / or adjacent to that area. These disasters and side effects are characterized by the geologic inclinations of the given area. Drought is generally the first inclination after cloud seeding, with floods following. However, in seismically sensitive areas of the world there has also been an increase in the occurrence of earthquakes. In the mid-western U.S., there has been an increased incidence of tornados and forest fires. There have also begun to be occurrences of weather incidents unusual for the region or location they occur in. Initially, cloud seeding does produce rain for that area in which it is done. Unlike with GEO TECH however, it is not possible to accurately determine side effects or results, including how much rain will actually fall. The ensuing drought causes the ecosystem to respond again, causing extraordinary floods between periods of extraordinary drought. The process very quickly gets out of control. The map (next pg.) shows a chain of rain enhancement programs across where there is a seismically active fault line and


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